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Free Shipping when you spend over £30

Deliciously Diverse: Vegan Chocolate, Pick and Mix Sweets, and Authentic American Candy

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We Don't Just Do Pick n Mix you know! Check out what else we have...

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we are proudly loved by families all over the uk

We know we're amazing, but why take just our word on it, here's what our customers say about us:

The best sweets and chocolates, direct to your door!

Candyroo offer over 100 deliciously sweet and tempting pick n mix treats to choose from when creating your perfect pick and mix pouch, we even do a build your own cable pouch, delivered from the next day! We also stock a huge choice of American sweets, free-from chocolates (suitable for vegans!) and a tasty selection of fudge and nougat.

Our Commitment to Quality

Candyroo have been rated by Rushcliffe Borough Council food hygiene as a 5, the higest rating awarded for food hygiene. You can check our rating here.

We store all pick n mix sweets in air tight containers, using gloves, hairnets and scoops to pick each order. Every pouch is heat sealed and are reselable to ensure freshness after you open your pick n mix, if you manage to not eat them all :)

By ordering online at Candyroo you can ensure your sweet purchase is fresh and the packagaing has been done in a clean environment untouched by other purchasers, we also offer free delivery when you spend over £30.

We Don't Just Do Pick N Mix Sweets

Candyroo provide one of the largest selections of pick n mix available. As well as pick n mix there is so much more to enjoy when browsing the selection of treats available. Candyroo also offer American Candy, drinks and chocolate, as well as a selection of fudge, cables, chocolates, drinks, party sweets, gift ideas, and a great selection of vegan sweets and chocolate, we are continually expanding our offering.

Whether you are searching for pick n mix sweets or international treats, you will find both at Candyroo and excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

We also stock PRIME Drink by YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI!

Satisfy your sweet tooth support a sustainable future with Candyroo a family run business.

Candyroo Partner With The Best Brands In The Industry

Candyroo opt to purchase from leading pick n mix suppliers such as Haribo, Vidal, and Kingsway to ensure we offer the best quality tasting sweets. We offer over 100 pick n mix sweets in our custom build selection, giving the customer a wide choice to build your perfect pick and mix sweet pouch.

As well as pick n mix we partner with Nomo, Candy Kitten, Galaxy and others to offer the best choice in Vegan sweets and chocolate.

If American Candy is your thing we stock the leading brands from Mike and Ike, Warheads, Jelly Belly, Swedish Fish, Jolly Rancher, Candy Can, and many others.

Supporting Blue Light Workers

Candyroo's Managing Director Sophie also works for the NHS and as such we are very supportive of our emergency services across the UK. Reach out to our customer services through the contact us page or online chat and provide evidence of working for the emergnecy services and we can attach a 15% discount to your account for every order.

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