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Working in partnership with Ecologi for an environmentally sustainable future

Candyroo is a family-run online sweet store that offers treats and gifts to
subscribers in the UK. We are an online picknmix mail order sweet service to the general public, brightening the faces of friends and family everywhere we go.
Candyroo is glad to join hands with Ecologi with the aim of ensuring
environmental sustainability in all our activities.

What Ecologi Does

Ecologi is leading the way in addressing the environmental changes that the
world is facing today through various initiatives, as highlighted below.

Carbon Reduction

The emission of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, is the leading
cause of global warming. Ecologi uses funds from its supporters to carry out a
broad range of projects with the aim of reducing these greenhouse gas

Tree Planting

Tree planting is the best tool to tackle the climate crisis that the world is
currently facing. A bigger tree cover can prevent temperatures from climbing
over 1.5C, absorb the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and prevent an
ecological collapse. Ecologi aims to plant over a million trees a month across the
world to have an impact on the environment.

Our Inspiration for Taking Part in the Program

Earth has been experiencing extreme ecological changes in the last century that
have led to changes in weather, global warming, droughts, tsunamis, and other
natural catastrophes. One of the key issues that has led to climate change is
human activity, primarily the increase of greenhouse gases and the reduction of
forest cover. If nothing is done as soon as possible, we are likely to experience
increased weather changes that could make it impossible for the earth to sustain
human life. We are doing all we can to change this.

How We are Part of the Noble Cause

We are On the Way to Become Carbon Neutral

We recognise the fact that some of our activities, such as packing, delivery, and
production, leave a carbon footprint. In addition, personal travel, holidays, and
food ordered by our employees add more carbon to the atmosphere. Our plan is
to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we are putting in.
To achieve carbon neutrality, we have a three-pronged approach for our
operations, as explained below.

Engaging in climate-positive Activities

We have taken initiatives to lower our carbon footprint as a company. First, we
have re-engineered and streamlined our operations to lower the amount of CO2
produced in each production cycle. We have also taught our employees various
ways to cut down on their personal carbon footprints. Some of the climate
positive activities that we carry out include reducing paper usage and
streamlining our deliveries.
Our workforce is also supportive of our carbon positive activities, with many
recycling their shopping bags, printing only when necessary, and avoiding food
wastage at home and during the holidays. Besides, our workplace is
environmentally friendly, utilising natural light and using safe waste disposal.

We Plant a Tree with Every Transaction on Our Site

For every customer transaction and delivery completed through our website, we
plant a tree. This goes a long way to offset the amount of carbon dioxide
produced during order packaging and delivery. So far, we have planted more
than 2,084 trees through the initiative. This means that we have removed a
whopping 3.27 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It has been two
months of climate impact through the initiative.
If more customers commit to the program, there will be adequate forest cover to
absorb the excess carbon footprint produced in delivery activities. You can join
us today and start taking part in the reduction of your carbon footprint.
The delivery of our orders is an essential activity that leaves a carbon footprint.
However, we believe that each tree we plant will take care of the carbon dioxide
released during the delivery process along with more of the CO2 currently in the
atmosphere. Therefore, the more you buy from us, the more you help us to
make the world cleaner and greener.

We also Introduced a Cycle to Work Scheme

One of the major contributors to carbon dioxide emissions is motor vehicles.
Given that most people have not adopted clean energy for their automobiles,
they produce lots of carbon dioxide from their combustion engines. We deal with
the problem by encouraging our employees to cycle to work.

Many of our workers come from areas near our warehouse. Therefore, it is easy
for them to cycle to work and back home. In addition, bicycles are cheap and
clean. They also help our workers keep fit. By introducing the cycle to work
scheme, we have essentially hit two birds with a single stone; we have ensured
that we cut down on carbon emissions and keep our workers fit.

We Use 100% Recyclable Packing for All Products and Shipping

When packing products and shipping them, we use 100% recyclable packaging.
The single-use plastic mess has been one of the leading causes of climate
change and pollution in the environment. Therefore, if we move to recyclable
options, we could reduce these two harmful effects on the environment by a
greater margin.
Candyroo is leading the way in ensuring that all our deliveries are packed in
recyclable packaging and use the same for shipping. Whenever you subscribe to
our delivery service, you will receive our candy in a pack which you can reuse for
storing other items in or recycle the packing at the many schemes on offer at
supermarkets. This way, you also become part of the solution to get rid of
single-use plastics.

Recycle Excess Sugar from Sweets for Bee Keepers

We do not want the excess sugar to end up in a landfill as it will pollute the
environment even further. Instead, we give the excess sugar to beekeepers for
use in making syrup to create more honey. Therefore, we limit the amount of
waste that goes into the waste bins.

We Plan to Plant 100,000 Trees by 2025 and Offset 100 Tonnes of Co2

Candyroo has a plan to plant 100,000 trees by 2025 and offset 100 tonnes of
CO2. It is our firm belief that the more trees we plant around the world, the
faster we move to become carbon neutral. At the same time, we help the world
around us to be cleaner, cooler, and better. We would like you to show your
support and encourage your friends to take part in helping us meet the goal.
Join our subscription today and start making transactions to enable us to plant
more trees.
You and the recipient will get monthly updates on the project and see the impact
of your actions in our virtual forest. Besides, we will provide you with actionable
steps that we are taking to live a sustainable life. It is a small step towards
ensuring that the world remains green and cool. Visit our site for more details.

Some of the Projects We Have Supported

Candyroo is proud to have supported various initiatives toward a clean
environment. Some of the projects that we have successfully undertaken include
protecting and restoring Andean forests in Bolivia and restoring the Polylepis
forest in the Andes in Ecuador and Peru. We also have wind power projects in
Mexico and Honduras. Finally, in India, Candyroo has been improving the
efficiency of metro transport and helping with plans to generate clean electricity.

Many more projects are in the pipeline and we shall provide the details once
they are completed.
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