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Candyroo Happy Birthday sweet gift box comes with a range of different sweets from the leading brands such as Swizzel, Haribo, Bassets and Candyroo's 500g pick n mix.

Make someone's birthday sweeter with Candyroo's Happy Birthday Sweet Gift Box, filled with a variety of delicious sweets from top brands like Swizzel, Haribo, Bassets and Candyroo's signature 500g pick n mix. This gift box is perfect to surprise your loved ones on their special day.

Indulge in a range of different sweets that come in this gift box and satisfy your sweet tooth cravings. The assortment of sweets is perfect for all age groups and will surely impress anyone who loves candies.

This sweet gift box is the perfect way to celebrate someone’s special day. It comes beautifully packaged so you can present it as a thoughtful birthday present or as an addition to any celebration.

So whether you're looking for the ultimate birthday treat or just want something deliciously sweet, Candyroo's Happy Birthday Sweet Gift Box has got you covered! Plus, with no applicable allergen information, it makes for a worry-free treat that everyone can enjoy. Get yours today!


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