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About Us

Oliver 4 and Isabelle 7 Candyroo's young entrepreneurs

Candyroo is an online Pick 'n' Mix delivered direct to your door. We are a family run business bringing our family values to the core of our business, demonstrating this through our interaction with all our stakeholders from suppliers to customers.

We are still in our early stages of growth, born out of an idea in early 2022 to provide an enjoyable shopping experience for sweet admirers everywhere, Candyroo is set to become a trusted global online store with expansion already in motion from the UK to the other side of the world in Australia and every sweet fan in between.

Candyroo currently operate from a 1,590 sq ft warehouse in Bingham, Nottingham. Finance Director Liam has been working in retail for 20 years and is joined by his wife Sophie, an NHS nurse bringing her caring nature to the Candyroo brand, along with their two children who love unloading deliveries and telling their friends about the many sweet types.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the brand that people love for their sweet indulgence, delivered in a way that creates a sustainable future for our planet.

To achieve our mission we set out to continually grow our offering to customers, evaluate and improve our procedures for an effortless shopping experience and great customer service, all the time managing our impact on the environment, offering recyclable packaging and off setting our carbon footprint to become a carbon neutral organisation.

In partnership with Ecologi we operate a climate positive workforce, offsetting employees business and personal travel, hobbies, holidays and food. In addition we offset each delivery to our customers by planting a tree for every transaction we receive.

Candyroo’s initial goal is to plant 100,000 trees by 2025 through our first three years of trading, as well as offset 100 tonnes of CO2. Our forest supports projects in Madagascar, Kenya, and Uganda. You can see the progress Candyroo and it's customers are making in our forest.

Other Inititatives inclue:

Recycle Excess Sugar from Sweets for Bee Keepers
We do not want the excess sugar to end up in a landfill as it will pollute the environment even further. Instead, we give the excess sugar to beekeepers for use in making syrup to feed bee hives. Therefore, we limit the amount of waste that goes into the waste bins.

We also Introduced a Cycle to Work Scheme
One of the major contributors to carbon dioxide emissions is motor vehicles. Given that most people have not adopted clean energy for their automobiles, they produce lots of carbon dioxide from their combustion engines. We deal with the problem by encouraging our employees to cycle to work, as many of our workers come from areas near our warehouse.



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